About Me

My name is Sameer Mekde. I am a SEBI Registered Research Analyst. I have been a Market Participant since 2012. Though I am equipped with the knowledge of Fundamental as well as Technical Research, I am a true follower of the latter. I am an avid reader and thus a lifetime student of Capital Markets. 

On account of the rapidly growing markets and the resulting changes in the market dynamics, it is evident that in a progressive economy like ours, information relevant to the market movement is easily available to the audiences at large, through various sources on the internet. However, it is equally challenging to deduce crisp, clear, and noise-free advice from these sources. Given the scenario, we aim to bring to the table such information, that would be largely useful to the trading and investing fraternity.



To build a trader and investor friendly environment where we partner to create wealth from Capital Markets.



  • To Grow Investors wealth by 25% annually
  • To bring about financial literacy and awareness by empowering investors with personalized services through credible research.
  • To imbibe a culture where transparency, honesty and ethics comes above everything else

Our Philosophy

  • ‘Price’ reflects everything, and great things always come at a price.
  • I use my years of experience as a technical analyst by combining it with fundamental analysis to choose companies in the small and mid-cap space.
  • To generate high returns, my recipe for success includes 40% of fundamental analysis and60% of technical analysis

Our Purpose

To give you the financial freedom that you aspire.